nightmare two [poetry]

I see her running along the water

hair spilling

over shoulders

over open breasts

bodice missing buttons

one shines in-between her fingertips

a berry, black

and she crushes it in the palm of her wind-beaten hand

salty tears and salty sea sting her mouth

gray sky, gray daydreams

I watch her from the water’s depths

one alive, one a ghost

eyes meet eyes through waves

she fades with the flow of tides

she falls with the rise of stars

my face is hers,

graying, tear-stained

each crease a memory, a time

he read her and put her aside

I glimpse her showering in sunlight

alive, radiant

her hands around his sturdy waist

his body moving with hers

but the wind cries out, and she screams

and I accept her into the cold

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