Sources of Inspiration #1

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a little different from my usual fare, hopefully the first in a new series I’ve been wanting to do. Instead of photos or poems, today I’d like to share something else…my sources of inspiration. Like most, if not all, creative people, I keep an ample treasure trove of inspiring sources stashed away, which I like to turn to if I’m dealing with a bout of writer’s block or simply want something to assist the flow of words and thoughts in emerging from the farther reaches of my mind (you know, the dark, dusty parts, where there are spiders). One such excellent source of inspiration is music…it’s always helpful on those days when your brain feels a little rusty or when you just want to become one with your muse.

Among the singers who particularly move me is Mustafa Ceceli. He’s extremely famous and popular in Turkey, although he is probably not very well known in other parts of the world. I’ve listened to a variety of Turkish singers and he is by far one of the most outstanding in my opinion, both in terms of his superior vocal talent and also the quality of his music.

For starters, I really, really love his voice. It is smooth, sonorous, and delicately sweet, very pleasing to and gentle on the spirit. His deliverance is pure and clear, so it’s easy to follow each note of the melody and each nuance of his words. His songs feel almost like prayers to me, especially with the way he breathes such intensity and emotion into them. When he sings I feel like he is reaching out, touching the bottom of my spirit, and lifting it up out of the mundane realm into another domain. His music is usually about love, but a kind of love that is sincere and earnest, tinged with subtle but industrious spirituality which I find especially appealing. That is the other main reason I like his music. His songs aren’t burdened with the synthetic facade of over-the-top confidence and bravado that we commonly find among pop stars. Instead, they’re genuine, wholesome, and thoughtful. I don’t know if he writes his song lyrics himself or if he has a songwriter, but the lyrics read like poems, elegantly crafted and reverential. (I’ll include some examples at the end of this post. But my translations do not do them justice! In the original Turkish they are quite eloquent.) And his music videos are also beautifully shot and produced. I love their colors, images, and concepts. Sometimes they remind me of dreams or visions, preserving ethereal moments and little details such as falling leaves, blooming flowers that would otherwise go unnoticed in everyday life. Mustafa Ceceli is a forever-favorite in my book! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the music. Please let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future; I’ve got plenty more stuff to ramble on about!

*Please note my Turkish is not very good, so take the translations with a pinch of salt. I didn’t translate the songs in their entirety, just the lyrics I particularly like.

Es (breathe)

Anladım bu son durak/Beni anılarla yalnız bırak/ Tutmam gereken bir matemin var/Hislerin var unutmam gereken (I’ve understood this is the last stop/Leave me alone with the memories/I need to mourn/I need to forget your feelings) 

Yanar yanar durur/ Kalbim kan ağlar ağlar durur (It burns, it burns, it keeps burning/My heart cries blood, cries, it keeps crying) 
Es nereye istersen/ Nerde çok sevdiysen (Breathe wherever you want/Wherever you like the most) 
Son nefesim ol içime es/Ne zaman istersen aynı yerdeyim ben (Become my last breath, breathe into me/Whenever you want, I’m in the same place) 

Ille de aşk (No matter what, love)

Kalbimin ince sazı/Bu fani senden razı gel/Koynumda çam kokusu/Dudağı gül kurusu gel/Afet-i can kimler dost kimler düşman/Sen gel benimle yaşlan/Yastığımda, yatağımda çiçeklen/Gel sen aşkımla beslen/İlle de aşk ille ille ille (The delicate reed of my heart/This mortal is ready for you, come/The scent of pine in my embrace/The dry rose of her lips, come/Dangerous beauty, those who are friends, those who are enemies/Come, grow old with me/Bloom on my pillow, in my bed/Come, feed yourself with my love/No matter what, love, no matter what, no matter what, no matter what) 

Dünyanın bütün sabahları (All the mornings of the world) 

Ölüyor kalbim her gün ağır, ağır/Çok sevipte ayrılınca/Yanıyor içim yanıyor cayır, cayır/Heleki aşıksan benim gibi hala (My heart is dying everyday, heavily, heavily/Breaking up when you love so much/My insides burn, burn furiously, furiously/Especially if you’re still in love like I am

Dünyanın bütün sabahları çekip gitti senle beraber/ Kalbimin sokakları çıkmaz oldu (All the mornings of the world left with you/The streets of my heart became closed 

Dünyanın bütün ışıkları söndü gitti senle beraber/Aklımın saatleri durdu öyle (All the lights of the world went out with you/The clocks of my mind stopped so) 

Sensiz Olmaz Ki (Without you, it can’t be)

Sensiz olmaz ki sensiz/Sana çok ihtiyacım var canım her solukta/N’olur anla n’olursun (Without you, it can’t be/I really need you, dear, with every breath/Please understand, please) 

Sen bilirsin ben halimi anlatamam/Beni bilirsin ben hiç seni aldatamam/Gözbebeğim sen benim her şeyimsin/Sen benim sevgilimsin/İnan, inan sevmem kendimi/Hiçbir zaman senin kadar/İnan, inan (You know I can’t explain my state/You know me I can’t lie to you/Apple of my eye, you’re my everything/You’re my beloved/Believe [me] believe [me] I can’t love myself as much as I love you/Believe [me] believe [me]) 

Sana bir şey olsa ölürüm/Ben acılardan/Ne olur anla ne olursun/Ölüm bile ayıramaz bizi (If something should happen to you, I would die from the pain/Please understand, please/Even death can’t separate us) 

Hüsran (Disappointment)

Yine soluyor içimde bütün çiçekler/Başka bir baharda gülümserler/Yorgun kalbim, yorgun hayallerim/Direniyorlar bana hâlâ yenilmedim (Again all the flowers inside me are fading/They’ll smile at another spring/My tired heart, my tired dreams/They’re fighting for me/I’m not defeated) 

Hep bir ümit yüreğimde/Hep aynı cesaret/İçimden bir ses der “sabret, sabret” (There’s always a cry in my spirit/Always the same courage/From inside a voice says “patience, patience”) 

Yağmur Ağlıyor (The rain is crying)

Yağmur ağlıyor ikimiz için/Hem ağlıyor hem siliyor maziyi/Kaderimdin, hayâl oldum şimdi/Aşkımız bitti masallar gibi (The rain is crying for the two of us/Both crying and erasing the past/You were my fate, I’ve become a fantasy now/Our love ended like the fairy tales)

Sende bulmuştum aşkı ben henüz/Son bir buse ver hatıra kalsın (I had just found love in you/Give a final kiss, let it remain in memory) 

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