Sources of Inspiration #4 Hadise

Another installment in my inspiring musician/composers series! Today’s post features another Turkish singer, the woman hailed as the Beyonce of Turkey — Hadise. She’s one of Turkey’s foremost superstars, famous for her sassy pop songs and flashy, edgy dance routines. She also appears frequently as a judge on Turkish music idol shows. She used to release songs in English as well as in Turkish, although I think she’s been focusing on her career in Turkey and has’t done music in English in a long time. I love Hadise mostly for her style and her attitude. She is the perfect combination of sultry, wily, fashionable, and badass. I love the confidence with which she carries and presents herself. (And I freaking love her hair! And her clothes! And everything about her!) Her music is much standard fare as far as Turkish pop music goes — it isn’t bad but also isn’t remarkably good. It’s entertaining and you can certainly dance to it, but the lyrics are less than stellar and the content is not incredibly imaginative or unique. However, Hadise’s persona is captivating, and for me it’s worth watching her music videos just to admire the bewitching, dominating flair with which she delivers her songs.

(Where are you, my love?)

(How many bodies does love wear?)

(Don’t fool your heart)

(Covering Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”!)

(We’re here)


And finally, a little comic relief….skip to 0:24 for the shenanigans to begin…


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