3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day 1

I was nominated by Lois to participate in this challenge, in which I post one quote a day for three days, and nominate others to follow suit. Thank you very much for nominating me, Lois! We can never have too many wise quips of wisdom floating around the interwebs.

My first quote comes from Lao Tzu, whose Taoist wisdom I greatly admire and seek to apply in my own life.

“Muddy water, let [to] stand, becomes clear.”  

I read Tao Te Ching a long time ago, but if I remember correctly this quote views water as a metaphor for our minds and spirits. Water, when tousled up, becomes murky and we cannot see through or make sense of our reflections, but if we allow the water to stand calm and undisturbed, it will become clear. And thus we should strive to keep our mental state as calm and clear as possible, so we have direction and understanding in our lives.

I would like to nominate Tom and Laine Anne to participate (if they would like to, of course). And really if anyone would like to partake, that would be lovely — please feel free to join in!


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